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The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership for London

About Us

About Us

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London Sport was created in January 2014 as the County Sports Partnership for London, through the merger of the five PRO-ACTIVE London partnerships. London Sport is now building on the work of the previous five PRO-ACTIVE partnerships, enhancing existing relationships and ensuring the retention of local connectivity through a team of staff deployed across London.
London Sport works predominantly at a strategic level with local, regional and national partners in the public, voluntary and private sectors. We work flexibly across all sports and physical activities and at different spatial levels including within and across neighbourhoods, boroughs, and the London Sport sub regions. London Sport is governed by an independent Board which provides a wealth of expertise and network connections.
London Sport adopts a collaborative approach to working in London. This involves agreeing common policies and approaches across London, co-ordinating areas of common delivery, allocating lead London roles and sharing resources across the region when required. 
Staff operate from five bases across London:
Each office has a regional focus, displayed below. Once the vision and strategy for London Sport develops, the geographical arrangements will be reviewed. The aim will be to ensure a consistent and equitable approach across London but tailored to meet local requirements.

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